A Walkthrough on Uprising NFT – How to collect Halostone Token (HST) and EARN 

A new kind of token that allows players to freely trade, store, sell, and buy in-game items outside of the actual game through the Marketplace or the NFT. – 

The worth of the material collected through the game ensures the token’s inherent value. – 

The same token can be used to exchange in real money via Phantom Wallet to make it safe and easy for you to store, buy, send, receive, swap tokens and collect NFTs on the Solana Blockchain.

You can get it by mining “Dark Matter Ore (DMO)” – 100,000 (Price will increase when token value increases in the market) DMO is equals to 1 HST. – When forging DMO to HST, you will need a “Halostone Hammer (HM)” which can be obtained at Elan Pit Bosses Dagan, Dagon and Dagnue also via Donate Item Shop. – 

Forging site will be released soon. 

You can find these ores at Armory 117, Anaacade, Numerus, and Crag Mine. 

These ores vary into three kinds in which you can get different amount of Dark Matter Ore. o Rare (Blue) – 80-100 DMO /Epic (Red) – 150-200 DMO / Legendary (Gold) – 250-300 DMO / 

Yes, you can convert your DMO to Capsule at DMO Vendor NPC to be sold to other players. 

A specific weapon must be used which is called “Halostone Pickaxe” to mine these ores. You may get it in Battle pass (30 Days) or Daily Quests (3 Quests = 2 Hours each rental / Quest). 

Exclusive Quest – Exclusive NPC – 

Exclusive NPC Buffer (100k Currency per Buff) – 

Premium Armors (Disappears at level 50) – 

Attack or Defense Jade – 

Battle pass Card (100% Drop Rate Increase) – 

Halostone Pickaxe – 

1pc Perfect Elemental – 

Premium Jetpack

Currency in the Game will be (CP) Cash points, that can be farmed via settle dessert. This currency will enable you to purchase all your necessary needs from potions to teleportation scrolls to upgraders and enhancers and more in the game cash shop system. Or purchasable via donate shop –
1,000 Capsule – 500 PHP

2,000 Capsule – 1,000 PHP

3,000 Capsule – 1,500 PHP

4,000 Capsule – 2,000 PHP

5,000 Capsule – 2,500 PHP

10,000 Capsule – 5,000 PHP

Halostone Hammer – 250 PHP

How to use Phantom Wallet

Visit the official website and download the browser extension https://phantom.app/download

Once downloaded, follow the pop-up and click ‘Create New Wallet’.

Store this somewhere safe, and do not share it with anyone else. Ideally, write it down physically and do not keep it unprotected on our PC (such as a text document).

You can pin the Phantom wallet to your browser for easy access—on Chrome 

Once you forge some Halostone, you can go ahead and connect your wallet to deposit your newly minted Halostone. 

*This guide will be updated once forge functionality is live