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Halostone is a new kind of token that allows players to freely trade, store, sell, and buy in-game items outside of the actual game. The worth of the material collected through the game ensures the token's inherent value.


Forging Cost of Halostone

Dark Matter Ore + Halostone Hammer

Dark Matter Ore

DMO and HH rate will automatically updated and announced whenever the rate changes.



RF Online the Uprising NFT players will be able to forge Dark Matter Ore collected and obtained via mining, quest rewards, killing mobs, winning events and other in-game activities into HALOSTONE, our game’s blockchain currency.

Halostone Hammer

Halostone hammer is the main catalyst to forge Dark Matter Ore into the Halostone token.

Forging Limit

Total number of forgeable HALOSTONE token will be 100,000,000 tokens with a 1000,000 daily forging limit.


HALOSTONE offers players the right to exchange for the game’s essential resource, join the lottery, exchange through the marketplace and mint character NFTs.

HALOSTONE is a tradeable asset powered by the Solana blockchain that is not constrained by gaming servers, game worlds, or barriers between virtual and physical worlds.

HALOSTONE has an objective inherent value since it serves a specific purpose as a redeemable token that can be used to obtain Dark Matter Ore, a vital resource in the game.

In order to guard against declines in the actual value brought on by inflation within the game and when compared to its original design of the nominal value, we seek to maintain the “Real Value” of HALOSTONE through an equity dividend-based bonus through the calculation of total cumulative Dark Matter Ore mined over time.

By limiting its daily and overall forging volume, Halostone preserves its value and offers medium- to long-term investment prospects through the expansion of RF Online the Uprising’s servers and integration with other upcoming games.

As more servers are made available and the game becomes more popular overall, demand for HALOSTONE is anticipated to rise. Additionally, we have future plans to include HALOSTONE in additional games.


Experience a true RF Online Crypto and NFT by joining the Marketplace, NFT and Lottery.


Marketplace to buy and sell rare items


Trade, purchase or sell NFT characters


Win legendary and unique items

How to use Phantom Wallet

Visit the official website and download the browser extension https://phantom.app/download

Once downloaded, follow the pop-up and click ‘Create New Wallet’.

Store this somewhere safe, and do not share it with anyone else. Ideally, write it down physically and do not keep it unprotected on our PC (such as a text document).

You can pin the Phantom wallet to your browser for easy access—on Chrome 

Once you forge some Halostone, you can go ahead and connect your wallet to deposit your newly minted Halostone. 

*This guide will be updated once forge functionality is live